Flash News

The 2023-2024 Shonan Post editorial theme is Our Storied Neighbors. Each month we highlight a legendary Japanese creature and suggest where you might be able to spot it in the Shonan area. As always, check each issue for Seasonal Events, Music & Stage, movies, museums, markets, and tours. Inquiries and orders of our Time Travel to the Kamakura Period booklet (500 yen including postage) may be made at this email address: <shonanpost.contact (at) gmail.com

Upcoming Events
The Shonan Post will have a booth at the annual Kamakura International Festival scheduled for November 5, 2023. For this we welcome donations of used foreign language books. Please contact us at the above email address to arrange a pick-up. 


The Shonan Post
has a booth at the annual Kamakura International Festival held at Kotokuin Temple, the location of the great Buddha statue. Usually held in early November, the Festival brings together international organizations who introduce their activities and raise funds.
The Shonan Post solicits donations of used foreign-language books from readers and friends. We sell these books at the Festival to support the following year's printing costs. These photos are from recent years.